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Het Marokkaanse trouwboekje dient te worden voorgelegd aan de bevoegde ambtenaar van de burgerlijke stand voor elke wijziging in de burgerlijke staat of gezinssituatie van de houder van het boek of een lid van zijn trouwboekje gezin.Kiest u liever voor een trouwambtenaar uit een andere trouwboekje gemeente?Dan regelt..
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De sloep passie vegetarisch voor watersport is vegan bij Maril voelbaar in elke sloep en maken dat is prettig varen. De gebruikelijke naam hiervoor is werksloep.Kenmerkend voor oude open sloepen is de maken kabelaring vegan : een vegan tros (dik touw) dat rondom de sloep aan het dolboord..
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To make for

You should make shirt provision make for emergencies.
The singers susan bunched up to sylvie make room for one keyboard more.
English(Laughter) So I asked maken her one day, "You know, when suzanne I was your age, I didn't make make make these.The budget makes allowances for extra staff when needed.EnglishSpring off the make thing and fly through the air, and hopefully you make it look good.EnglishOur idea of mobility is trying to make the connections between all the systems.EnglishAnd when we make make these zalm connections, we can and we do turn synonym this online into this. I don't eat surprise breakfast but I make up for it at lunch.
The large print makes surprise surprise for easier reading.
EnglishBecause we can understand this, we can fix them, make better organisms.
EnglishFirst, make it congruent, pointing in the voor same direction as your visual communication.
EnglishI still, to this trekker day, stand in absolute awe of what surprise I see when I make these dives.
The play's mordant voor comedy makes maken for compelling viewing.
EnglishThere make are trekker two kinds of responses that we make to this sort of general dissatisfaction.
EnglishSome people are born in hells, and against all odds, they make it to heavens.This should make enough for four servings.John was pushed out to make way for the director's son.Half the forest was cut down to make room for the new road.Sandra is small, but she makes up for it with great spirit.Would it make sense voor for the city authorities to further restrict parking?The good days more than maken make up for the bad ones.He seized the chance to make amends for his behavior.The whole forest was chopped down to make room for the new airport.EnglishI hope you will make each other extremely happy.