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Skyrim how to make leather

7 Select "Iron Dagger".
Warnings Enemies' zelf levels scale with skyrim your own, meaning that-in some cases-they become more difficult to kill as your level increases.
On the skyrim left side of leather the perk tree, this is "Elven Smithing on the right, "Dwarven Smithing".
As your Smithing level increases, your overall leather level will gradually increase-thereby earning you a tzatziki perk point for every level gained.Spend as little money as possible.This part is a lot like a puzzle and maken it's very easy to do, you can eyeball it out without too much folly.Use sporadic ranged attacks to weaken dragons; attacking leather them head-on early in the game will get you killed.First, save up some gold for a weapon with Banish.Enchanting pitch can take the crappiest weapons in the game, and maken turn them into piles and piles of gold, so lets explore this and youll see what I mean.Dragons tend to appear as you wander through the world, so refrain from fast-traveling to distant objectives.Remember you can trim down the leather as much as need be during this entire process by using your utility knife at any time; any part of the leather, whether it's a matter of giving yourself larger arm holes, a larger neckline, etc.This will give you an skyrim indication of how well it's coming together, and show you if you have enough room for your neck and throat to be comfortable make with the thick leather hanging off your collar pink bones, and also indicates if you need more room.You can purchase a pickaxe and use it to gather iron ore from deposits scattered around Whiterun's outer wall.4, save your game often.Trust me, this step is redundant after a time but will cut the effort of sewing with the awl in half.Part 4 Creating Dragon Armor 1 Access the forge in Whiterun.Make More Money With Speech Skills.You have successfully created and equipped Dragon armor! To do this, open your Character Menu and tuna select the make skyrim "Skills" section, then navigate to the "Smithing" perk tree.
3, gather resources for a thicker power-leveling session.
While being able to craft outta the heavier armors on the right might cater to your playing style, the "Advanced Armors" perk on the left will allow you to make heavier versions of skyrim any armor.
Also, buy a bunch of iron ingot and leather strips to make as many iron daggers as you can, or just save all of the weapons you find in dungeons because youll need them later.
You can buy a blank and make a knife with.
It will say something about banishing Daedra up to X level.
All vendors turbo restock every 48 hours, so go to a weapon vendor and check their stock, and then wait 48 hours if you dont see what you want, and then look again.
5 Tap your action button.A good idea is to try the vest on as much as possible.Doing so includes crafting the Dragonplate (or Dragonbone) Boots, Gauntlets, Helmet, and Shield (optional all of which are beneath the Dragonplate Armor entry.I show skyrim you how in this tutorial: leather Make a Damascus Steel Knife Part 1 (I also have a video for it).This means you'll need to purchase as much iron and leather as possible: Assuming you exclusively purchase iron ingots and leather, the wholesale value of the resources needed skyrim to craft 550 daggers comes out to about 9,763 gold.

Note, leather if you are a lower level character, you may have less chances to find a Banish weapon.
Its best to use your lower gems on this, since the value doesnt increase that much with better gems.